happiness-the state of being happy. This is the definition of happiness on google. But let us redefine this. Happiness- A feeling you take out of you when it is needed but not found! Just imagine, what if, instead of just being happy on the happy occasions, we seek the happiness in the places where we need it but it is lost, somewhere in the middle of oceans and deserts. Life is not simple, but how can we really live it to every bit! Just smiling in every moment, in finding bliss in rains and not awaiting that posting letter, by just smiling at the tasty gol gappe in the street rather than not ever being in a five-star hotel, we can just smile with that bliss of a rainbow rather than never going abroad. We can just smile a bit every day just because it brings happiness-real happiness, real bliss and the real joy of life! Smile a bit more, cry a bit less, and live a bit more! 


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